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Put your curriculum/syllabus onto DVD so students know what they need to do for each grade.
It can be used as a great reference tool / homework and helps you maintain a higher pass rate and earn extra revenue without you being on the floor.
Create special subject material that can be sold outside of your school which may include demonstrations, virtual tour of the school, board breaks, weapons,
advanced drills / sparring techniques and open up further passive incomes.

Let us show you how you can make a DVD without
spending a cent and make a profit within one week!

Plan your DVD, write a script, rehearse your lines and moves. Decide how many cameras and what angles will you use.
Whether you want to just capture your physical prowess for your own record or you want to share your skills with students or the public at large, we can help you create it.

Immortalise your art and share it with the world while making a passive income.
Our Studio Backdrops

Having a clear and uncluttered background enhances the subject and looks more professional. Find a location to shoot or use our especially set up studio. We have interchangeable backgrounds including a special effect green room. Bring your own back drop to further cement your brand.

Too hard, too costly and don’t know where to start?

Not anymore, we can create broadcast quality DVDs and help you distribute them worldwide that will not cost you a cent and all done in just one week.

How does it work?

The shoot should take one hour to produce a 40 min DVD. Includes promo stills for cover and show reel moves for the intro/outro.
We pay all the production costs like the studio and equipment hire, supply the crew, produce the DVD including the cover design and printing to the tune of around $3000. We recoup the costs by sharing in the profits from the sales. All you do is buy the DVDs from us at a wholesale price. We will also help you sell them through our distribution network and give you a share of the profits as well.
Post production with voice over and graphics, slick & disc design, DVD creation and duplicating 5 days.
In just a few short weeks you can be earning a great passive income with your own DVD range.


Distribution via yours and our networks will give your DVD a great lift in sales. Parts of your footage can be used online to market the DVD.

How do you get started?
All you have to do is book your timeslot and buy the first 50 DVDs at the retail price and then you can buy as many as you like at the W/S price. Pre sell them to your students so you don’t have to pay a cent in fact you will make a profit before the DVD is finished.


Got your own DVD and want to increase the sales, or want to re-master it, then just call us.

Deeper Insight Productions has created a new format to produce low cost, high quality instructional DVDs for martial arts school owners. Instructors can chose from a number of template design formats that create a very economical DVD series.

Costs and availability are to be negotiated directly. Either fill out the form below mentioning some of your requirements or contacts us:
Phone: 03 9897 3213
Please complete the form below to send us an enquiry.