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Sean's insight into adding an extra $52k to your bottom line each year

An SMS worth 52 thousand dollars

In 2003 I received an SMS from my dentist confirming my appointment for the next day. All it said was my dental check was tomorrow and asked me to confirm. At the time I was experiencing a few DNA's (Did not Arrive) for phone enquiries at the dojo so I decided to do this too.
Well it worked. People started turning up for their trial classes and another area of dojo operation was running smoothly. I didn't think anymore about it till yesterday.

I was talking to two local instructors who had recently initiated the same system. I asked what their turn up rate used to be before the confirmation text was introduced. 50% was the answer.

"What is it now?" I asked.

85% was the new result.

After some more enquiries as to exact numbers of people enquiring, joining and how much they pay, it turns out the dollar value was astounding.
At an average yearly income of $1500 per student and the extra 35% of enquiries turning up, the net income improvement was around $4 500 per month ... or $52 000 per year!

One simple idea worth $52 000 a year ... every year!

One final thing....
These two instructors aren't has-beens. They are not just office jockeys who used to train. They are in exceptional condition and the quality of their students is exceptionally high. It seems the standard of ability they expect from themselves and their students is the same level they expect from their business.

Enjoy your day ... and keep training.

Sean Allen Bio in Full

Sean Allen was born in Perth, Western Australia in 1962, and spent most of his younger years living between Melbourne and Perth.

His passion for surfing started at a young age and he would always be seen surfing the waves at Scarborough Beach and Trigg. His introduction into Martial Arts started later in life and was born from being bullied at school because he was the quiet, short lad who loved being alone out on the waves.

In 1980 Sean entered the world of Martial Arts and Kickboxing and by then was a tall strapping lad of 6’ 1”. Through his training Sean entered the ring as a Thai Boxer and won Two State Full Contact Titles in this brutal sport. His passion for fitness and Martial Arts lead him down the path of starting his own Martial Arts Academy which went on to become one of the largest schools in Australia, winning various awards and setting records along the way.

In 1990 the devastating news that Sean had a serious congenital heart disease gave him a new and challenging direction in his life. He went on to build a successful business, challenging himself to win awards and even took the plunge skydiving and bungy jumping.

At the age of 43 and going through an emotional breakup of his marriage, Sean’s desire to find himself again and get himself back on track with his life led him to take the challenge to surf the worlds longest wave, the dangerous Tidal Bore Wave on the Amazon River. Sean surfed amongst crocodiles, piranha, anaconda’s and not to mention the candiru fish – (well that’s another story!!!!! ).

Sean Allen has a unique view on life and an unquestionable talent to make his audiences think and question themselves. With the use of humour and profound philosophies, Sean uses his experiences as a competitive fighter, successful business owner, father and adventurer in such a way as to motivate his audiences to set goals and overcome setbacks. Part of Sean’s presentation also incorporates a “Board Breaking” session which involves his audience and is designed to get his audience to acknowledge their barriers and fears and break through them.

Due to his years as a Qualified School Teacher, Sean also developed Programs for children to combat Bullying, which was part of the curriculum at his Martial Arts Academy but also took him to various schools talking to the youth, regarding self respect, conflict avoidance and goal setting.

Sean has spoken to large groups of up to 2000 on Motivation and Goal Setting and to small corporate groups on setting up a Small Business.