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Find out the benefits of Martial Arts Australia's membership, what people say about us and what you get in your membership pack. Not sure of what type of membership you want well you can choose from a Club or Association or our new Partner Program revenue maker.
We are continually negotiating deals with numerous corporations so you can gain access to more products and services that save you money on business and your daily consumables


Look here to find a list of the benefits to our membership.
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Rather than fill numerous pages with our supporters we have selected just a handful of testimonials


Find out what you get in your member
'Welcome Pack'

Professional Instructors seek Membership to Professional Industry Bodies
Martial Arts Australia 'Leading the Way' - The Industry's Choice


Running a school or thinking of opening one this one will be ideal.
Qualifies you for discounted martial arts insurance packages.
$175.00 PY
Certifies One Instructor
Add more instructors for $25.00 each


Small or large associations wanting to register / certify up to five instructors.
$250.00 PY
Want to certify more instructors add just $20.00 for every extra one.


This is an add on to your membership which for an additional nominal fee
gives you a new way to earn a passive income while you sleep. Run a retail MA Mega Store without buying stock sell video on your site, get a website thrown in for just


Join using Cheque/Money Order, Credit card, or via a Bank Deposit - So easy!
This is a snap shot of what we and please note we are constantly adding
to our membership to increase the value but not the price.

  • Instructor Certificate
  • Certified Instructor Card
  • Certified Instructor Badge
  • Industry registration & recognition
  • Receive monthly email newsletters
  • Martial Arts DVDs - create your own instructional DVDs
  • Martial Arts TV Online - covering
  • Online resources in Business, Sports Coaching, Martial Arts Techniques
  • Discounts / Group Deals on heaps of services & products
  • Cheapest prices on Insurance - select a package that suits your operation
  • Free advertising of your events - Post on our events pages & newsletters
  • Free Graphic Design service
  • Free Martial Arts & Business Seminars
  • Opportunities to network with other instructors
  • Access to high Dan Ranking through our international grading panel
  • Access to discounts government approved courses
  • Opportunity to be featured in our TV Show - Covering your events / visiting your club
  • Assistance in helping you make instructional DVDs
  • Business mentoring
  • Club Sponsorship - insurance, events etc
  • Access to the Martial Arts TV Channel - Get the action on your PC / Mobile
  • We help protect the industry - Working with government and corporations
  • We help promote all martial arts styles to the general public
  • Martial Arts IT - Register domain names, web hosting, SMS/Email broadcasting
  • We provide ways to earn a passive income when you are not on the mat
    Get your own Online Martial Arts Equipment/DVD Store