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Instructor Partner Programs

Partner Programs are available to all Members and cover a number of areas. Some instructors take up all the programs we offer while offers just impliment the ones they want to run at the moment. We are constantly adding to our range and improving programs to maximise the benefits to members. Maintaining this involves a substantial amount of our resources so it is essential that instructors keep their membership financially current. These Programs which will expand your opportunity to become a full time professional school owner and provide you an additional revenue stream. Our programs are designed to have a positive impact on all areas of your business.

These programs cover the following areas:
1. Produce Instructional DVD Series 2. Broadcast / Film a Promoter's event 3. Martial Arts Mega Store / Website,
4. PPV TV Channel Portal, 5. Advertising / Sponsorship

Progam 1
DVD Production

Producing one or more DVDs
Design / Director

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DVD Production Package Deal
MAA has it’s own production studio, crew and equipment to help you create the very best quality instructional DVD series. You can now create a whole DVD series at no cost to you which comes with an international distribution deal. We can either come to your school to film or you can come to our studio and the finished product comes with an international distribution deal.

In just one week you can get filmed, get a DVD produced and get it sold to make you an ongoing passive income stream.

Create a series of DVDs at no cost to you!
Pre sell 100 DVDs to pay for your production costs and make $2000 profit

Program 1 (a)

Pre sell 100 DVDs

Program 1 (b)
Three DVD Series

Pre Sell 200 DVDs

Program 1 (c)
Five DVD Series

Pre sell 250 DVDs

Program 2

Film / Broadcast an Event
Live or pre recorded PPV Director

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Broadcasting your Events Live
Many professional promoters have been getting their Fight Shows / Tournaments filmed and some have even got them on Pay TV . We can film events and do exactly the same getting your footage out to Pay TV and Free To Air (3.5 million households). However in addition to that, what is really unique is the ability to broadcast events live around the world. Promoters can now make extra revenue from syndicating their event to 35,000+ PPV TV sites.

Our Fight Night / Tournament Filming Program makes you money!

Program 2 (a)
We do everything film, broadcast, distribute

Program 2 (b)
You film and we link our broadcast to your cameras

Both come with a Distribution Deal

Program 3

Martial Arts Mega Store
Online Shop with DVDs & Books
Domain Name
Online Store

More Info / Sign Up

Mega Store Online Cart / Website Package Deal
Signing up for the Mega Store Cart is a great way for Instructors to raise their internet profile and sell products that will give them an added passive income. For just a nominal up front fee and a low maintenance fee school owners can own their own online shop selling the largest range of Books, Movies, TV Shows and How To DVDs. This package includes a domain/sub domain name with your own customised website along with your online shop and marketing support. The Mega Store is fully loaded with hundreds of Products and partners get paid from each and every sale without having to rent a building, hold stock, or pay for advertising as orders can be coming in while you sleep.

(b) Limited time special just $200
plus $29 per month

Program 3 (a)
*Domain Name
*Website Design
*Website Populate
*Website Hosting
*Monthly Web Updates
Set up Fee $150
plus Monthly Fee $29

Program 3 (b)
*All of the above with an
Online Mega Store
Set up Fee $299
Plus Monthly Fee $39

Program 4

PPV TV Channel
Online Shop with DVDs & Books

More Info / Sign Up

Online TV Channel Package Deal
MAA has created a TV portal that has a very extensive video library that instructors can attach to their own website or have it integrated into a site/mega store created by us. Visitors to your TV Channel can watch high quality martial arts content under a unique Pay Per View/Download PPV/PPD system and you get paid every time someone watches the footage.

You can increase you revenue further by giving us your own video footage to be included into the library. Currently there are over 35,000 Sporting TV sites around the globe which means your video gets massive exposure and you get an international revenue stream paid directly into your bank account

For a limited time you can sign up for FREE
with your Mega Store
See some examples here

Mega Store's Around Australia

Stan Schmidts Mega Store

Paul Mraceks Mega Store

Impact Fitness Mega Store

Sensei's Mega Store

Mal McRae's Mega Store

Program 4 (a)
Get paid 20% of the ticket price from videos watched on your TV site.

Program 4 (b)
Supply videos to MAA
and we will give you 5% of the ticket price of every video played on any syndicated TV site

One or both programs
$0 set up/monthly fees

Program 5

Advertising - Sponsorship

Promote your products through our network and gain massive exposure and more sales with especially our targeted marketing

More Info / Sign Up

Advertising with us is very easy as you can select a number of packages that will meet your budget. It can be as simple as a web banner advert (on our home page or another page) with a link to your website or to a landing page on our site before linking to yours. MAA can create a short video clip which can be inserted into our TV Shows or other training videos. We can also include you in our email or printed newsletters.

Sponsorship involves a total combination of opportunities to put a client's products / services in front of their especially targeted market over a given time period. This can be a simple cash donation or a profit share or a combination of both at the discretion of MAA.


Package 1
Multi Page Banner - long
Package 2

Home Page Banner - long
Package 3
Selected Page Banner - long or square
Package 4
Email News Insert
Package 5

Printed News Insert
Package 6
Video Advert

Program 5

Mega Combo with the lot
Martial Arts Mega Store

TV Channel Portal

Profit Share

Bundled Partner Deal 1 (The Lot)
- An awesome internet presence
- Two passive income streams
- An international business working for you 24/7
Sign up today and earning an extra passive income

Set Up Fee $200
Plus $29 per month


Want to create your own Partnership Deal?
You can use all of our Passive Income Earners and
dramatically increase your business.

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