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Insurance for Martial Art School Owners is available to both International Martial Arts Alliance members and non members. The best price we can offer is as a member so give us a call to find out what we can do for you. The following information below will help you to the next stage.

How can we offer such low prices for martial arts insurance?
We have been assisting martial arts instructors obtain insurance for nearly 10 years and during that time have kept a very low claims ratio. Our amazing group insurance scheme has obtained a proven track record over the years by only accepting professionally qualified instructors to the program. By screening our members to make sure they have a minimum skill level / qualification to operate a martial art school. We also recommend that members have a good risk management policy and constantly update their skills and qualifications to make our industry more professional. If instructors' don't have these skills we help them to obtain them, so they too can access the cheapest insurance policies. Call us to find out how easy it is!

The insurance companies recognize our commitment to help instructors gain higher qualifications so they can minimize the risk of an incident and litigation. By covering literally thousands of schools the International Martial Arts Alliance qualifies for huge discounts on insurance premiums and we flow that directly on to the school owners and associations etc. The bigger your school or association the much greater savings you will obtain so simply call us for quote over the phone. Small Schools save up to $1000, big school saves $1000s.

Over the past ten years the International Martial Arts Alliance has constantly tracked down the best insurance prices and terms through brokers that will give you their best premiums. Working with insurance companies that have been around for nearly 20 years experience means they are more likely to be around in the unlikely event you need to make a claim. Don't you want peace of mind? That's what you should have and you can be assured you will get it through our brokers. Our legal term has read the policy wording of every martial arts scheme (presently four players) to find the most appropriate cover for instructors. We are happy to say we have selected the best policies based on cover and price giving you some great options.

There are different types of cover like Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Error & Omissions, Personal Accident etc and they are bundled into various student number categories. So if you are not sure of what the industry standards are call us to direct you to the appropriate cover for your operations.

Be aware of Brokers / Underwriters new to the industry or returning after a long period of absence.
Because they may only be around to make a quick buck and when they have a couple of claims, simply disappear again.Old players may have pulled out because of competition (not enough profit) and feel they can jump back in with policies that appear to be good value, but read the fine print and ask the questions.

We are all for lower prices for insurance but when you go below a certain price point, there will not be enough in the kitty to cover claims. Once again these players will disappear creating a roller coaster of price hikes letting history repeat itself again. The other thing you need to be aware of is the policy wording because we have sent policies off to our legal team and found instructors are simply not covered for their operations. It is easy to sell a policy at a very low premium if it doesn't cover you for your activities because if you make what you feel is a legitimate claim, it simply will not be paid. So who will pay it? You!

How do we know? The International Martial Arts Alliance has been around for 15 years and some of its executives for 50+ years in the industry. We have also been working with insurance companies for around 10 years.

If you have a obtained policy through the International Martial Arts Alliance we will help you through the litigation process in unlikely event that you need to make a claim. We liaise with the insurance company, broker and their legal team if appropriate. Think about the value of this service!

It is only by banding together that we can accumulate large enough numbers for the insurance companies to take us seriously. It is because school owners have been supportive of the IMA that we have been able obtain these great prices. The International Martial Arts Alliance is working with other associations and together are effectively negotiating with much larger numbers for the future, (300,000+). Our goal is to get insurance down to a fair price, around $5.00 per person for the year, so stick with us! Several hundred schools and associations already enjoy the benefits of insurance policies through us because, we take the pain out of the back pocket and make the process much easier.

How do I get martial art insurance? Call the Hotline: 03 9897 3213


A Non Member Price means:
You receive an industry discount but not as much as a member and you don't get any of the other benefits.

Stating you are a current financial member of the International Martial Arts Alliance when you are not, in order to obtain the cheapest martial arts insurance or to obtain discounts from our other Business Partners may result in the cancellation of your policy / account. You will also be deemed unethical and dishonest and future International Martial Arts Alliance membership will not be accepted. Please remember membership is due each and every year to qualify for our association deals.

Get Karate Insurance for you school / club today!