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You helping make Martial Arts more popular in your region

In these uncertain economic times we may look at our club / business and think that we are going to lose students and possibly be forced to close the doors. When times are tough consumers cut back on their spending but still spend money on things that are important to them. For some alcohol, cigarettes and going to the footy are essential purchases while the majority believe that their health is the most important. Everyone knows if you haven’t got your health your life sucks!

It is up to us to make martial arts an essential purchase. This is easily achieved by pointing out the many benefits of martial arts practice in a way that connects with the average person on the street. I have included a few ideas for you to add to your own list and most importantly convey in your next marketing strategy.

Martial arts training develops focus / concentration helps you to make less mistakes
Martial arts training develops discipline helps you to follow things through
Martial arts training develops motivation gives you more energy to complete tasks
Martial arts training give you clarity helps you see and make good decisions
Martial arts training builds self esteem gives you the confidence to give it go
Martial arts training keeps you fit gives you enough energy to keep up with life’s challenges
Martial arts training strengthens your body keeps you toned and in shape
Martial arts training develops great physical skills improving hand & eye coordination, balance, athleticism etc
Martial arts training reduces stress stress is a well known cause of many illnesses

We all know confident, disciplined, motivated and focused children will get higher marks at school which pleases parents so make sure you are drumming these benefits home.

For some of you we have just told you how to suck eggs but for some we have given you ideas. The International Martial Arts Alliance (IMA) has been serving the industry for 15 years helping instructors from small independent schools to large associations to grow. We have done this by offering discounts on essential business items, opportunities to up skill qualifications & network, gain credibility by being part of a large association, have an united voice to government, being a public relations & promotions manager to consumers and a library of resources, making a positive difference to your success.