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Every video with have on the site is here except for the ones in our 'Members Section' so please enjoy. We have compressed the videos so they download very quickly however if you would like to see high resolution videos here instead please drop us an email and we will monitor the requests.

If you have a video you would like to submit to us please drop us an email to discuss it.

New Videos - Short 30 second to 3.5 minutes blasts of Shaolin and Wushu at the highest standard. Graham Slater captured the action whilst he was in China following the K-Star TV Show.

Zen Martial Arts College Bill Superfoot Wallace Boxing Set 1
Shaolin Monks 1 Display Bill Superfoot Wallace Workout 1
Shaolin Monks 2 Display Bill Superfoot Wallace Splits Workout 1
Shaolin Monks 3 Display Funny Video 1
Shaolin Monks 4 Display Funny Video 2
Tony Ball Fudoshin 1 Funny Video 3
Tony Ball Fudoshin 2 Funny Video 4
Tony Ball Fudoshin 3 Funny Video 5
Tony Ball Fudoshin 4 Funny Video 6






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VIDEOS Pg1 | Pg2 | Pg3 | Pg4