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News Flash! A new Martial Arts Channel is being created to finally give our industry the air play it really deserves, more details shortly! Check out some of the action video here!

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Martial Arts TV or as our first series is call 'Interactive Martial Arts' was a big hit when it was broadcast on C31 Community TV Melbourne before it was cast online around the world. We are now in production with several martial arts based programs to be broadcast / pod cast both locally and around the globe.

Our First Show
'Interactive Martial Arts' TV show is a presenter driven martial arts variety series that covers karate, kung fu, taekwondo, tai chi, kickboxing and many more styles from around the world. It includes action movie reviews, road testing equipment, tournaments, competitions, visits schools and gets some of the best masters from around the world to teach you. IMA TV screen shots

Over ONE MILLION households have tuned into IMA TV in Melbourne since it starting broadcasting in October 2007. IMA TV Media Pack 2mb pdf LINK

Our Second Show
Yes we have finally created a second season by popular demand but this time we have called it the Martial Arts Channel because we now have 12 mini TV Shows with each one able to stand alone. The 'Main Event' TV Show within the Martial Arts Channel has taken up the first five programs of the season and then we have a mixed bag of small stories from 'Streetwise' 'Visit a School' 'Movie Reviews' etc.

Instructors Star in our Show
Martial Arts Instructors can be featured in our programs by submitting 'Training Tips' or 'How to Techniques' or 'Katas' or 'Sparring Drills' or a simple Demo. Make the effort and reap the rewards as thousands of potential students will get to check you out, now that's great advertising!

How do you do it?
Send us a DVD of you doing any of the above either just short clips or a whole series of instructional videos. Include a written profile on your qualifications, skills and school locations so you can be sure to get a great plug for your club. We wll select footage and let you know when it will be played.

What you will get!
If your material is of a high quality and we use it we will reward you by either:
*Giving you free advertising on our site (Instructor Profile Pages)
*Paying you for your contribution

In addition you will gain greater credibility as your video footage is broadcast to the world within a TV Program.

How to Film
Ideally use two cameras and flick from one angle to the other. Use close ups to explain details and long shots to help with perspectives. You can include voice over or speak to the camera but do not add background music.

Send DVDs and Training Resumes to:
Martial Arts TV
P.O. Box 1170 Box Hill VIC 3128


Some of the latest Video Content

Barry video 35mb

Sensei Video 80mb

NAS Teaser Highlights 6mb