Paul Mracek

Who is Paul Mracek?

Paul is the 1st Certified OCFM Coach in this region after training personally with Russell Stutely one-on-one in Malta. He doesn’t try to hide information through long and complicated explanations, they are straight and to the point, they are easy to understand; he makes it so simple that anybody can reproduce the results day-in-day-out.

Paul is someone who has trained with the real deal MASTERS of self protection and MA’s, e.g. Dragon Society’s – Grandmaster Rick Moneymaker; OCFM’s – Master Russell Stutely, The Pressure Point and Self Defence Legend; Black Belt Academy’s – Master Thomas Hiew; Dunn Fu Tao – Master Colin Dunn and NMAA’s - Master Geoff Hutchinson.

For the last 25 years Paul has been in high demand as a very successful CEO for iconic multinational companies travelling and working all over the world. He knows what it takes and means to be successful in anything you do..he is a true Master both personally and professionally!

He has a passion to support others and to provide the opportunity for YOU to learn the secrets that he has learnt and achieve the same success. However his unique knowledge and skills has only been available to a select few until now; he has finally left the corporate world so that he can help others full time!

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What he would like to do for you

Paul wants YOU to have the Holy Trinity of Power, Success and Rewards that can help you take control to change your life! A lot of people talk about what they are going to do, you know the “Gunna’s” but few actually do it, just look at WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU:

*How to correctly use and position your body’s hands, legs and hips to deliver explosive power that will knock anybody over…no matter who they are and how determined they are to try and attack you!
*How to use “Balance Points” to totally control an attacker!

*How to use principle-based methods to deliver extremely powerful responses, whether they are slaps, punches, ridge hands or any other kind of movement for self protection!

*How to use the body’s physiology and biomechanics (body reactions) to stun and gain time and control an attacker!

Then there’s the stuff which is “Not For The Faint Hearted”, learn the devastating effects of Waveforms, SSR Strikes, HAOVS’s, Players of the Game, Kata Principles (not applications) and Power Strike Points – the best of the best that supercharges your strikes |and your attacker will think he has been hit be a “Mac Truck!”

Are YOU ready to be one of the 2% of people who are prepared to act to get the Power, Success and Rewards YOU Deserve?...then contact Paul and let him put YOUR words into action!!

“Paul is one of the few people who has both a wealth of knowledge that is backed up with extensive practical experience that he is now making available to martial arts school owners. His extensive expertise covers the full range from his own books, online learning and the most powerful way, through face to face either by a group workshop or on a one to one consultancy basis. If you want to get your school pumping read on and then contact Paul to see how he can help you.”

Graham Slater
IMA Chairman



Pauls' Kotan Method
Discover The Secrets To Elegant & Simple Solutions in Business & Life with Kotan Australia…
What’s Your Biggest Challenge..Right NOW!


Whether it’s Personal or Professional, do you find yourself asking these questions?…“Why” Do Road Blocks Stop Us Achieving?
“How” Do We Achieve Breakthru Sucess?
“What If” We Could Unlock The Secrets?…Have Your Sales & Bottom Line Been Hit By The Financial Crises?
With all the turmoil in the world and stock markets, many businesses and people
are facing increased challenges in all aspects of operations and thier lives.
Whether it be price, cost, customer value, working capital, performance,
productivity or work / home balance the end result is the same!
Work and Home life are linked and Do impact on your professional and personal
success and in the end YOUR BUSINESS and its BOTTOM LINE!The simple truth that gets lost in all the bad press and doom and gloom around these days is that:
“Top and Bottom Line Performance is 95% PEOPLE and 5% Systems”
Performance improvement, productivity, sales growth or working capital are all
dependant on people within your business. Having the best systems in the world
doesn’t help if your people don’t use them!Getting the right mindset, determines BEHAVIOURS and this more importantly
drives RESULTS. Challenging the “status quo” with the underlying attitudes and
beliefs are KEY to achieveing SUCCESS VERY QUICKLY.
Focusing not on goals but on “OUTCOMES” which are SMART, i.e.
Specific, Measurable, As if now, Realistic, & Timed are what Delivers buy-in and
Commitment that gets RESULTS

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